Municipality Fiber Provider

Who We Are

Sherpa Fiber is a municipality fiber provider passionate about building 100% open fiber networks in as many markets in the United States as possible. We love networks … very fast, reliable, and affordable networks that benefit municipalities, the public, and those service providers who serve them.

Different in a Good Way

Sherpa Fiber is a different type of fiber provider because we generally do not sell to end users directly. In fact, if service provider demand is high enough to “green light” a project in a city, Sherpa Fiber only leases fiber to these wholesale providers.

Sherpa Fiber Benefits

Our goal is to build, own, and operate the fiber network, and we then lease to service providers that service customers. As providers lease Sherpa Fiber’s network in a market, the municipality and citizens have access to more choices of providers, and customers can access new services including technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things).

A Sherpa is a name commonly given to an experienced guide helping mountain climbers on challenging expeditions like reaching the top of Mt. Everest. Climbers know they might be able to succeed without a Sherpa, but they also know that their chances at success are better and more safe working with one. At Sherpa Fiber, we serve as guides to municipalities and service providers by investing in and building fiber networks that service providers then ultimately utilize to serve the public.

Demand Driven Networks is a fancy way of saying that Sherpa Fiber’s business model does not support building fiber networks in markets and then hoping business will eventually find their way to us. Instead, we keep a ranked list of municipalities where we are seeing the strong demand from the city’s government, service providers expressing interest in entering a market, and public interest. Basically, the more demand the more likely Sherpa Fiber will enter a community.

Sherpa Fiber builds what are known as Open Networks, and these are sometimes referred to as Carrier Neutral Networks. To us, that means that other than possibly more favorable pricing for municipalities and service providers that sign with us prior to construction, we do not show any bias between providers. All parties with legal authority to lease fiber from us are given the opportunity to do so.


Whether you have questions, want more information, or are ready to talk specifics about how to get Sherpa Fiber to build in your community, we looking forward to hearing from you!

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