Our Story

Sherpa Fiber was founded by Allen Meyer and Darren Bonawitz after several discussions about Gigabit fiber, the positive economic impact to municipalities having these networks, and the challenges service providers have upgrading existing networks and expanding into new markets. These guys love the telecom industry (especially fiber optic networks), have immense respect for their colleagues, and have a strong desire to see “fiber challenged” communities benefit from having access to Gigabit internet like their peer cities and towns.
Being based in Kansas City, Allen and Darren watched from a citizen’s viewpoint as Gigabit fiber was rolled out to Kansas City (both Kansas and Missouri) and then the suburbs on each side of the state line in the metropolitan area. More importantly, however, each of them held key positions in different companies working directly with the company deploying the Gigabit Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network. This unique insight, plus over 50 combined years in telecommunications, and having access to the necessary capital allowed the two to begin bringing next generation fiber networks to under-served communities.
Allen and Darren were both convinced there had to be a better business model that could benefit municipalities, service providers, and the public more efficiently and cost-effectively. So they started working together analyzing traditional telecom and cable models along with the newer independent FTTH projects. They presented options to trusted friends in the industry and obtained the valuable and often brutally honest feedback they needed. After a few iterations, Allen and Darren developed a model which helps communities gain access to the fiber infrastructure and service providers they need for a thriving community, and at the same time, they were able to lower the barriers to entry for service providers desiring to service business and residential customers in new markets.


Whether you have questions, want more information, or are ready to talk specifics about how to get Sherpa Fiber to build in your community, we looking forward to hearing from you!