Gigabit-Ready Business & Residential Fiber Networks

Sherpa Fiber is a fiber provider that builds open networks that basically meaning we lease to any qualified service provider. Our fiber rings allow for Next Generation Fiber Networks that enable super fast internet including Gigabit speeds and unlock the power and convenience of cutting edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). If you are not familiar with IoT, you will be soon, and thanks to Sherpa Fiber and the service providers who lease fiber from us, you will be ready for it.

A different type of provider

It is important to note that Sherpa Fiber is a different type of communications company than what most people are familiar with. Typically, we do not service residential or business customers. We do serve the public, however, it is just done so indirectly. Sherpa Fiber’s role in a community is building, financing, and owning the expensive fiber backbone or ring that goes through a city.

Home Internet of Things (IoT)

We then lease fiber to carriers and service providers who then sell to and service the homes, multi-tenant buildings, and commercial customers. By having Sherpa Fiber in your community, it lowers the cost for these companies to enter the market and serve the general public which can lead to more providers to select from, faster internet service, and hopefully lower prices.

Why aren’t more providers in my town?

One of the biggest reasons carriers and other service providers are not in more cities and towns is the high cost to build these fiber networks. To cost justify such a large fiber build out, carriers often must secure a substantial number of businesses and residential customers that all want to sign up at the same time. Unfortunately, this can be more challenging than it seems. Thankfully though, Sherpa Fiber’s business model allows us considerable flexibility to work with these service providers and reduce the cost for them to enter or expand in a community and grow as necessary. That means not only more providers for the public to select from but a wider array of services are made available to users.

Is Sherpa Fiber coming to my community?

Sherpa Fiber can only build so many networks at a time though, and we go where the demand is. So, to get our attention, we ask the public to generate buzz and show us that your community should be on the list of cities we build into next.


Please let us know that we should add your town to the list of markets where we are considering building fiber. Then tell your friends, co-workers, family, and even that weird guy who lives down the street to do the same. In the meantime, we would appreciate any information below you are willing to share. The more data we have about a community’s interest the easier it is to move them up the list. By the way, we respect your privacy and will only share your personal information with third parties (the service providers who lease fiber from us to serve your town) if you tell us it is okay.

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