Dark Fiber Provider

As a fellow carrier and dark fiber provider, we know the business, and we understand the challenges many telecom carriers and service providers are facing. For example, customers are demanding more for the same or reduced prices leading to margin compression. So, meeting internal business case requirements is getting more difficult each year while revenue and subscriber targets are often increasing.

That is why working with Sherpa Fiber is a strategic advantage for savvy carriers and service providers looking for dark fiber. Your company can enter a market for a fraction of the cost to build the fiber backbone yourself, and you can expand your fiber count with Sherpa Fiber at any time (subject to availability). Plus, if shifting costs from capital expenditures (CAPEX) to operational expenditures (OPEX) is advantageous for your organization, carriers and service providers can lease fiber from us rather than paying large upfront IRUs. Flexibility leading to profitability for carriers and service providers is what we strive to deliver.

Best of all, our business model is unique when compared to most other fiber providers. Other than during our pre-construction phase, when we are trying to reach the financial threshold required for us to “green light” a fiber build out in a community, we do not lease lit or dark fiber to end users. Even then, it is typically just the municipal government in that community. That means service providers can lease dark fiber from a peer rather than a competitor. Our goal is to build Gigabit-ready fiber infrastructure and finance the fiber network while simultaneously reducing the cost of entry into markets for our wholesale customers.

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Remember that engaging with Sherpa Fiber during our pre-construction phase allows service providers to request street intersections or addresses to be incorporated into our design. Plus, your company will receive preferred pricing, and we won’t be competing with you for business or residential customers. So, whether you have active markets you are looking to expand into or are just doing research for future projects, we look forward to hearing from you! (By the way, we are happy to sign an NDA before you share any confidential information.)

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