The Challenge

Increasingly, many municipalities are facing difficult decisions regarding internet connectivity for their citizens. The public wants more providers to select from or at the very least faster and more reliable internet service, but for any number of reasons, existing providers are not offering the desired services or desired level of service quality. The frustration is intensified when residents hear about neighboring towns or even markets in other states having access to Gigabit speeds, and this competitive gap is realized.

What is a municipality to do?

Should a city continue losing market share to other communities with better internet infrastructure by continuing to wait for existing service providers to potentially upgrade their network? Or, maybe a town should take a chance and invest millions or tens of millions of dollars to build fiber networks and become an internet service provider (ISP) and possibly even a phone and cable company.

Prepared to be a Smart City?

If they opt for the latter, government officials face even more difficult decisions such as determining if they are prepared for everything that goes with being an ISP including equipment upgrade costs, payroll expenses, potential legal issues, and the matter of competing with providers that employ some of the very citizens the city is trying to help. It is a tough position for a municipality to be in for sure.

High-speed internet access was second only to “safe streets” in choosing where to live, according to a 2016 survey from the Fiber to the Home Council.

The Solution

Sherpa Fiber is initially selecting up to 10 municipalities in which to build completely open fiber networks. We offer Demand Driven Networks which is a fancy way of saying we build fiber networks where we see the strongest commitments from the city’s government and service providers expressing interest in entering a market. The more demand we see the more likely Sherpa Fiber will enter a community.

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  • Highly Scalable Future-Proof Network
  • Virtually Unlimited Bandwidth Capabilities
  • Dedicated (Non-Shared) Fiber Strands
  • Complete Control of Routing Protocol
  • Increase Wide Area Network (WAN) Speed At Any Time
  • Eliminate 60 - 90 Day Carrier Provisioning Delays
  • Upgrade WAN Without Provider Price Increases
  • Predictable Fixed Expense
  • Superior WAN Performance
  • Highly Secure Physical Network
  • Carrier Grade Infrastructure
  • Enhanced Cloud and Big Data Capabilities


Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Colorado found that fiber optic connections can increase home values by more than 3%.


Are you a member of your municipality’s administrative team and feel Sherpa Fiber might be a fit for your community? If so, or if you just have questions and would like to set up a time for a quick call to learn more, please let us know. We are here to help! Remember that while the city leasing fiber from us will “green light” a project much more quickly, it is not necessarily a requirement for us to build in your community. Let’s visit and see if there is a fit.