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There’s a lot riding on your school district’s wide area network (WAN) these days. Everything from digital learning tools to parent communications and even building security are counting on your WAN to perform at peak performance and maximum uptime. That’s why your fiber superhighway needs to be built by a provider you can rely on. Sherpa Fiber’s team members have over 100 years of combined experience in the telecom industry including nearly 3 decades of combined experience serving K-12 / E-rate school districts.

Our expertise is designing reliable E-rate Category 1 eligible fiber networks from the ground up. Our networks are tailored to K-12 school districts, allowing traffic to move at blazing speeds and remain free of obstacles like provider firewalls, routers, and switches that create multiple points of potential failure. We have the specialized know-how to successfully navigate the engineering, construction and operation of fiber WANs, and it is how our team members have collectively helped K-12 school districts of all sizes in 23 states across the country.

Map showing 23 states Sherpa Fiber's team members have experience
Locations in blue are states in which members of Sherpa Fiber’s team
have K-12 E-rate fiber experience

And speaking of our team, every year each Sherpa Fiber employee spends professional development hours in the field to ensure they understand the fiber networks they support. With the right network supported by the right team, you can give students access to information and educational tools without roadblocks.

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