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K-12 WAN Pain Points

Your school district is increasingly faced with obstacles on the path to a faster and more reliable network. Wide area network (WAN) bandwidth demands are getting steeper, prices are increasing at every turn and budgets aren’t keeping pace. Not to mention that inflexible contract terms, outages and performance bottlenecks can make the journey unbearable. At Sherpa Fiber, we feel your WAN Pain … and solve it!

It’s time to take control of your WAN and let your network traffic travel on future-proof infrastructure that is affordable, scalable, reliable, and controllable. Sherpa Fiber offers high-speed private fiber networks with virtually unlimited WAN bandwidth, and thanks to the design of our private fiber networks, it is a route free of traffic jams and unnecessary barriers. Sherpa Fiber helps you accelerate digital learning and unlock educational potential while keeping monthly prices on cruise control.

Together, we can help transport your students wherever their education and dreams take them.

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